You: What's everybody doing?

GDD: The Director is coming on screen any minute now! Garbly!

Agent AK: Yeah, anything the Director says is important...

Agent See-P-em: Except that joke about the Peanut Better and Jelly Sandwich...

The Director comes on-screen.

Director: Hello everyone! We have information that Evil Janitor Bob is trying to crash The Fair 2010! He is going to destroy the tents and steal the prizes! He might kidnap the Ringmaster too...

GDD: What should we do? Garbly?

Director: Well, I'm assigning you in teams. Agent AK, you go with Agent KR. Agent GDD, you go with our new arrival.

You: (Thinking) Ohh, not GDD again.....

Director: Agent See-P-em goes alone.

Places to go

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