You start to walk into the HQ, but Agent AK stops you. All the other agents are there and so is DK.

Agent AK: Noo! Don't go in there!

Agent FF: Herbert sabotaged our HQ of secretness!

Agent KR: We need to find a way to get him out...

You along with Agent FF slip down a rope into the HQ, and Herbert doesn't notice you.

Agent FF: (whispering) It is Herbert of Polarness!

You creep up on him, and grab his tail. He screams in pain.



Herbert and Klutzy run out, and the other agents come in. However...

Herbert: GWAHAHAHA! You think you've stopped me? Take this!

Herbert drops a rock down the entrance to the HQ.

Agent FF: Oh no! We are of trappedness!

Agent KR: Hmm, maybe I can move this rock.

Agent FF: Wait! FF of Agentness has an idea!

Agent AK: What is it?

Agent FF: Mode of furyness!


Agent FF: I HAVE FURY!!!!!!!!!

Agent FF goes into Fury Mode and blows up the rock. All the agents stand there amazed.

You: That was... Wow...

Agent AK: Come on. Let's go get this polar bear.

The agents run up into the Mall Complex, but have no idea where to go.

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