You arrive at the HQ and red lights are flashing. All the agents are there.

You: Woah, what's going on?

Director: Agent! You're just in time! See-P-Em has a time bomb locked inside the HQ and if we don't disable it soon the AEJBA will be destroyed!

You: Why can't we just have Evil Janitor Bob for once? Grumble grumble...

Agent KR: Well, we will all be working together for this one. We found out that there is a password that was installed in case it went off when See-P-Em was transporting it here.

Agent AK: If we manage to find the password, we can shut down the time bomb.

Agent FF: Let's go of hurriness!

Agent KR: I've been ordered to stay here and watch the time bomb.

You, and agents AK and FF run to Bacon's HQ.

You: What should we look at??

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