You decide to go to the Mall Complex. Sure enough, the Protobot is digging it's claw into the LOL Mall looking for upgrades.

You: Well, if it's destroying the LOL Mall, it's definitely not on Evil Janitor Bob's side. ELITE PUFFLES!!

Bouncer, Blast, Flare, Loop, Pop, Flit and Chirp come to assist you.

You: Let's see...

You remember how the EPF beat it in 2008, and do the same thing.


Blast knocks the Protobot over.

Loop attacks. Loop attacks. Flare attacks.


Flare makes the Protobot go into flying mode because the wheels are broken.

Flit attacks. Bouncer attacks. Chirp attacks.

Chirp: Tweedle-eedle-ee!

The high-pitched sound causes the glass on the Protobot to break. The Protobot faints and breaks into pieces.

You won!

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