Bacon: I'm gonna steal everything in here! Mwahahahaha! You can't stop me!

You notice Bacon is wearing a backpack with a bomb attached to it. You light up the fuse and run away with the others.

Bacon: Hahahaha, those agents are too scared to -- BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Bacon is sent careening into the air, and makes his getaway in a spaceship and goes to what appears to be an asteroid field.

Agent KR, Agent AK, Agent FF and of course, you go underwater and place inner tubes on stalagmites under CPSW World and the island is kept afloat. Many penguins work together to rebuild the Mall Complex and, in time, it is fixed and rebuilt.

Agent KR: We did it! We saved CPSW World!

Awesome! You've completed one of the most important missions ever!

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