You get into the Kur Mall and plug the power cords in. Then power is restored to the mall!

You: Yeah!

Agent KR and Agent FF rush in.

Agent FF: Agent! It's horrible!!!

Agent KR: Bacon smashed the GGD Mall to bits and pieces! He's going for DK Palace now!

You: Oh no!

You and the other agents rush to DK Palace where you see Bacon attempting to destroy it.

Agent FF: Flippers up, Bacon!

Bacon: Never!

Bacon gives the wall a good whack and DK Palace crumbles. Luckily the agents manage to escape on the crumbling staircase.

Agent KR: The Mall Complex... It's doomed...

Agent FF: Agent KR! We must not give up hope!

You: Bleh heh heh BLECK!

Agent FF: What was that?

You: Eh heh, sorry... Just a joke...

Agent FF: Okayyyy...

Bacon leaves the remains of DK Palace and starts to go to Acababo Mall.

You: C'mon, let's go guys!

Bacon sees you and smashes the floor of the Mall Complex and makes it crumble. Everyone inside runs out. The ruins of the Mall Complex sink and leaves a big hole in the ground.

Agent KR: Awwww, man! I had a Beta Hat in reserve waiting for me in there!

Bacon starts to head toward the CPSW Bank.

Places to Go Edit

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