CPM Mall has been closed due to the maker's leaving of the wiki (Or closed by request).

Welcome to the CPM Mall! Go shop your lives out! The CPM Mall will allow you to purchase anything you wish from here! As long as you have enough money and signed up, you'll be eligible to buy anything here! We have various stores from a simple Post Office and a wonderful Realtor and Villa Estates Center! There is as well as entertainment areas such as the Movie Theater to a huge Food Court! You can also stay a couple of days at our CPM Hotel which is right next door. Enjoy your shopping time here!!

Member Sign-Up


  • Dragonian King - 10000 WB$
  • Ben 100022 - 8865 WB$
  • PizzamansjrCP - 5000 WB$

Worker Sign-Up


  • Ben 100022


1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

5th Floor

6th Floor

7th Floor

8th Floor

9th Floor

10th Floor

11th Floor

12th Floor

Rooftop Atrium


It's the CPM Mall!! It's so tall!!!

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