Click on an image then click on the paper icon to go to it's respective shop.

=D Smiley: Hey :D Welcome to the Everybody Edits branch of DK Palace :D We will have some cool stuff :D If you want you can go back into the portal :D It takes you to the main branch of DK Palace at the Club Penguin Shops Wiki :D We have a tutorial on currency that :) will explain to you :D

Listen to the tutorial

Stores Edit

Sign Up Edit


  • Ben 100022: 2000 SP

Games Edit

Play games on Club Penguin to earn Smile Points! Here's how it works...

=( Smiley: First, log onto your Club Penguin account. Then, play one of the following games.

  • Jet Pack Adventure
  • Cart Surfer

=( Smiley: Then submit a picture of your final score to DK. That's all there is to it! The Smile Points will be given to you after that. (The amount of coins you get is the amount of smile points you get, so shoot for a high score) Oh, and more games will be compatible with this later.

Leave Edit

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