Master DK: Hello there, students! Here, you can become a lavender ninja. Challenge me, or other students, or some of my apprentices.

Battles will take place on #wikia-clubpenguinshops (The IRC Channel)

Here are the HP stats of everyone.

  • Students - 100
  • Master DK - Unlimited (Lowered to 500 once Level 9 is reached)
  • Count Bleck - 500
  • Dimentio - 500
  • Dimentio's Hidden Defense/Attack - 1000

Battle Master DK Edit

Send me a message!

Apprentices to Battle Edit

Count Bleck

Bleck: Bleh heh heh BLECK! You want to challenge Count Bleck? Alright. Leave your signature and Count Bleck will get to you as soon as possible.


Dimentio: Ahahaha! Welcome! Ah? You would like to challenge the master of dimensions? OK. Leave your signature here and I will get to you when I can. And remember: If I start to win badly, I will prepare the Ultimate Magic Show in the world!

Battle A Student? Edit

If you want to battle a student, then send a message to one of they're talk pages.

List of Students Edit

Rules Edit

  1. No creating cards "magically" during battle to benefit yourself.
  2. Attack Power on cards may have damage of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50. When creating cards, please do not use anything that aren't listed here. All of these will be rejected.
  3. Make sure all images on your cards (when created) don't violate the policy or the image will be rejected and deleted.


To buy cards, go here: Lavender Shop

Recent News

  • The Lavender Ninjas was created! -December 26, 2010

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