Welcome to the Puffle Shop, ran by DK's puffles!!!

Here you can get cool puffle stuff! Also, some of our friends would also like to be adopted, so go on and adopt one today!

Note: Some puffles share the same items.

Hint: Seen coin icons or locks? Coin Icon = Coin Code, Lock = Admin Only

Orangey's Stuff Edit

Orangey: Heeeeeyzzzzey!!!! It's me, Orangey!!!!!!!!11!!!11!1! Wantz to buy zum stuff!?!?!????!!!

Pilot's Stuff Edit

Pilot: Hey. Wanna get some cool GREEN stuff? Oh fluffy clouds...

Speedy's Stuff Edit

Speedy: Hey dude. Feel free to check out my stuff. You'll be on FIRE when you see how cool they are!

Blizzard's Stuff Edit

Blizzard: My items aren't here yet, sorry.

Bubbles' Stuff Edit

Bubbles: Cha cha cha cha do do cha do do cha cha cha! Oh, hello. My stock isn't here yet so, umm, come back later OK?

Arrr's Stuff Edit

Arrr: Arr, me stuff not be in yet! Come back later!

Pudding's Stuff Edit

Pudding: Sorry, I don't have any stuff right now. Work work work...

Sunshine's Stuff Edit

Sunshine: Hey! I'm creating some MASTERPIECES to sell right now. Check back later and I might have some stuff for you.

Jumpy's Stuff Edit

Jumpy: Oh, sorry, I don't have any items right now!

Blueberry's Stuff Edit

Blueberry: Hi. I don't have any items right now. Check back later.

Sunburst's Stuff Edit

Sunburst: Hey! Here is some awesome orange stuff for you. Pudding is working on some special box portals for me to sell too, so they should also be in sometime in the near future.

Order Edit

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