Welcome To The Museum . You Will See History About Club penguin And Club Penguin Shops Wikia And Club Penguin Wiki.

Club Penguin IslandEdit

In 2005 A New Game Was Made By Miniclip . It Was Called Club Penguin . First When It Was Made There Was A Party Called The Beta Party . You Could Be A Beta In This Party And Get Beta Hats .

Club Penguin WikiaEdit

The Club Penguin Wiki Was Made Late In 2005 . Lots Of People Were There What Dont Edit There Anymore . Just Like The Founder Of The Club Penguin Wikia. Tigernose Is The Only Admin What Is Still Here From 2008 .


Soon , A Penguin Found A Puffball . There Was A Vote On What To Call The Puffball By Billybob And The Winner Was Puffle . After That Lots Of Puffles Came . In 2010 The Puffle Party Puffle Was The Orange Puffle


When I JoinedEdit

I Joined In 2010 . In March . On March 16 . My Penguin Was Born At The Dock . I Went To The Beach And The Lighthouse And The Beacon After I Was Born . There Was No Tour Guides When I Walked Around .

Secrets Of The Bamboo ForestEdit

In March When I Was Born The Play On Was Called The Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest . I Liked It A Lot . I Found The Golden Feather Across At The Beacon . I Didnt See It For Long .

Penguins Play AwardsEdit

Penguins Play Awards 2010 Was After The Secrets Of The Bamboo Forest . I Liked The Pizza Shop The Most When It Was On . Also I Voted For The Quest Of The Golden Puffle All The Time For Best Everything .


Empty . Upgrading Later

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