Gary: "Sorry for not getting to you soon, Agent. Herbert fried our systems and we could not contact you. He's still got Lemon, but this time he's stolen all the tickets for the Fair!"

You: "Oh come on."

Gary: "Get out there agent and . . ."

You nibble your cotton candy.

Gary: "How did you get that with no tickets?"

You: "Uh . . . the internet?"

Gary: "You stole it!"

You: "No . . ."

Gary: "You are FIRED."

You silently walk out.

???: "Wanna find the Secret Treasure?"

You: "Sure!"

???: "Go up Dead Penguin's Pass, go past HatPop Mountain, through the tunnel to HatPopia and walk all the way to Freezonia."

You: "Uh . . . wasn't that just an old CPW Game?"

???: "No man, it's real!"

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