Fortuna: "Wake up! Wake up! Its the morning!"

You: "Ugh, now what?"

Fortuna: "Its time to finish your quest."

your Elite Phone beeps

Gary: "I am sorry for firing you... you may come back. DITCH FORTUNA. She's herbert!!"

Fortuna Male voice: "What was that?!"

You: "Shut it, Fortuna. I know you are herbert."

Lemon squeaks in Fortuna's bag.

Herbert: "You got me. I was trying to get you to take me to HatPopia! Its way warmer there."

You: "I will not."

You stumble out of the cave and accidentally push Herbert off the edge of DPP.

Herbert: "Goodbye cruel world........................"

You call Gary and tell him what happened.

Gary: "Well, as long as herbert isn't pestering us, its for the best."

Hat Pop: "You got Lemon!"

You: "Yep! I will be back soon."

Mission Continue

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