Fire Ninja: "Help us!!!"

You see the group tied up

You: "I am here to help."

Gary: "Thank goodness Agent!"

Wonderweez: "Oh thank you!"

Hal: "Thanks for getting my toboggan!"

Hat: "MY EARS!!!"

Lemon squeaks

Hat: "AND LEMON!!!!!!"

Alxeedo: "Nothing for me?"

Herbert: "I didn't steal anything from you -_-'"

You: "What do you want Herbie?"

Dot: "He wants... THE GOLDEN PUFFLE!"

You: "Herbert, it isn't real..."

Herbert: "GIVE IT TO ME..."

You look at lemon...

Hat Pop looks surprised... she knows what you are thinking

She nods

You: "Here it is..."

Lemon walks to herbert. You untie your friends and run. You know one day you will get Lemon back

Finish Edit

The End

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