"DK, DK!"

"Oh, hey, <name>. Herbert seems to be destroying the Migrator!"

"He's what?!"

"He's taking it apart to make something, and you brought Sensei?"

"One is as wise and agile as he wants to be, not as old and senile as his age makes him."

"Okay, okay, but we should stop him."

<from inside the cave>

"Arr, ye will not be gettin' away with this, Herbert!"

"Or so you think, silly penguin."

"I be knowin' for a fact that the Elite HQ has sent agents here."

"You know how?"

"I seen them in that there bush."

"Come out or the penguin gets it."

<You four step out of the bushes>

"You five!" (Herbert)

"You know four of us... you haven't met Biscuit yet." (You)

"Let Rockhopper go." (DK)

"Aye, this be a sticky situation." (Rockhopper)

<Brown puffles run out of the shadows and hide behind Biscuit and Lemon.>

"I'll play you for Sensei and the puffles." (Herbert)

"Play what?" (You)

"Whatever you would like." (Herbert)

"What I would like? Peace. So, I am taking them and you cannot stop me." (You)

"Try." (Herbert)

"Click! Click!" (Klutzy [holding some sort of ray gun])

<Lemon, Biscuit, and the Brown Puffles swarm Klutzy and Herbert tying them up and taking Rockhopper down>

"You win..." (Herbert)

Mission Continue

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