Welcome to the Theater! Grab some popcorn and watch something!


  • The Blue Boys was a series that unfortunately, got canceled due to the unfortunate banning of Furgylishis, the penguin Ben 100022 was using during this show. One episode was released: The Food Fight, and the other episode, The Blue Boys Go Fishing, was left unreleased because of Furgylishis (Ben) being banned forever the day of the shooting. The first, and only episode can be seen in the theater.
  • The Chill Show began February 2011 and was made by Chill57181/Dragonian King!
  • The series "The Robber" was removed because Staffan15 a.k.a. Thehopperrock closed his YouTube account.
  • The Gary Show was made by admin Gary the Gaget Dude.

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