You see a big, and do I mean BIG statue in front of you. You then see a lot of people panicing that there is no foot there and the statue is falling. You remember you EZ-Bubble, and throw it at the place where the foot where be. It appears and you are ready to leave when you see a little French kid steal your time- machine mistaking it for a bagel, but its BLUE! You chase after him. Suddenly he stops and transformes into a dark creature! "Mwahahaha! I'll be back! he throw the remote to you and disappears. You then get a text from the boss.

Hey, Agent, listen up, someone or something just came across on our signal we can't teleport you back unless you reach a REALLY high place. Try the top of Lady Liberty. Hurry! We got to get you back as soon as possible!

Climb the Tower

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